Where to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmond, OK

Where to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmond, OK

Chris Harper will fight for the justice you deserve

While an accident may leave you feeling helpless, you have a powerful firm ready to fight for your rights. Chris Harper Inc is home to a reputable personal injury lawyer in Edmond, Oklahoma. He represents accident victims and those accused of being at fault for accidents. As your personal injury lawyer, you can depend on him to advise you on the best course of action.

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Find out what to do after a car crash

Our lead car accident lawyer in Edmond, Oklahoma is ready to help you once you've received medical treatment. While you might be thinking about a million things following a car crash, we recommend keeping these tips in mind to make the claims process easier:

  • See how everyone involved in the accident is doing (if possible)
  • Move to a safe location and call for help
  • Exchange information and document everything you can

Attorney Harper will analyze your notes and the evidence from the crash to build a convincing argument for your case.

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